Mission. The goal of this letter is to encourage the leaders of U.S. colleges and universities to work together and with other coalitions in leading the U.S. effort to combat global climate change. Our central premise is that the impact of academia on this essential effort will be greater if it is unified and coordinated. This letter will be delivered to the leadership of colleges and universities nationwide.

Authorship. This statement was written by E.J. Chichilnisky, Roger Levy, Nancy Kanwisher, Scott Plous, and Michelle Wyman (on behalf of NCSE), with valuable input from Eero Simoncelli, Susan Spinrad Esterly, and Mark Tuszynski. Technical development for signature collection was generously contributed by anonymous collaborators. The opinions expressed in this letter do not necessarily represent those of our employers.

History. On June 5, 2017, this letter became open to all signatories who are students, faculty and staff of accredited colleges and universities in the United States of America.

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I’m faculty/student/staff at a college or university in the USA – may I sign? Yes! Our letter is open to all members of the academic community.

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